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What qualifications should an automobile harness engineer have?
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Due to the particularity of the automobile industry, the manufacturing process of the automobile harness is also more special than other ordinary harnesses. Based on years of experience in automobile wiring harness, we will introduce to you what conditions an automobile wiring harness engineer should have?

1. I can understand the control schematic diagram: because the wiring harness of automobile air conditioner is designed according to the schematic diagram;

2. The principle of each electrical product: because the wiring harness connection of the automobile is each electrical product, the pin definition of each electrical product must be understood. At the same time, the electrical product will be understood!

3. Connector: many connectors are used for automobile wire harness, and many connector manufacturers, such as foreign Yaqi, Amp, Hulian, KET, KUM, etc; Domestic THB, Yuyao, Nantong Youxing, Zhejiang Jinchao, etc;

4. Wire: it is necessary to make wire harness, and there are many kinds of wires, such as domestic QVR, German FLRY, Japanese AVS, AVSS, American AWG, etc; There are also many types of wire diameters, 0.5mm ², 1.0mm ² Wait a minute. Each current that can pass through is different. We have to consider the color of the wire.

5. Overall situation: where is the branch point of the harness? Take what? How long is the lead? Cost should also be considered

Of course, it also includes many small details, small products, including clips and labels. What protection is used outside? Insulating tape? Velvet tape? Or something else? I will understand if I do more. I hope I can help you!

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