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Causes of factors affecting terminal harness quality
Time:2018-10-15 Read: 1815
Terminal harness is the wiring component connecting all electrical equipment in the circuit, which is composed of insulating sheath, terminal blocks, wires and insulating binding materials. The quality and service life of terminal harness are closely related to the selection of harness materials. Therefore, when selecting harness materials, be careful and control the quality first from the source.

1、 The selection of wire rod shall be based on the different use environment. For example, the ambient temperature around the automobile engine is high, and there are many corrosive gases and liquids. Therefore, it is necessary to use high temperature, oil, vibration and friction resistant wire rod; The wire on the automatic transmission must be resistant to high temperature and hydraulic oil, and its temperature stability is good; Shielded wires shall be used for weak signal sensors, such as crankshaft position sensor, knock sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor, etc; Wire with high bending resistance shall be used for door inner wire.

2、 Selection of rubber shell The common materials of plastic parts include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, pp, etc. When designing the plug-in, different materials can be selected according to different needs, and flame retardant or reinforcing materials can be added to the plastic according to the actual situation to achieve the purpose of strengthening or flame retardant, such as adding glass fiber reinforcement.

3、 The terminal material selection is mainly brass and bronze (the hardness of brass is slightly lower than that of bronze), of which brass accounts for a large proportion. In addition, different coatings can be selected according to different requirements, such as tin plating, gold plating, etc.

4、 The selection of other auxiliary materials The harness auxiliary materials play the role of wear resistance, flame retardance, corrosion prevention, interference prevention, noise reduction, and beautification. Generally, the auxiliary materials are selected according to the working environment and space size. There are usually the following kinds of excipients:

1. Tape type - tape for wire harness includes PVC tape, acetic acid tape, insulating tape, conductive tape, copper foil, etc. The adhesive tape plays a role in binding, insulating, conducting and marking in the wire bundle. Different adhesive tape label materials can be selected according to different needs.

2. Sleeves - Sleeves include PVC tubes, glass fiber tubes, silicone tubes, heat-shrinkable tubes, spiral tubes, etc., which play the functions of flame retardance, insulation, protection, etc. PVC pipe has good flexibility and bending deformation resistance.

3. Tin materials - the amount of tin materials used in the wire bundle is also relatively large. The tin materials include lead-free tin bars, silver-containing tin bars, tin wires, etc., which are mainly used for tin dipping and welding at the end of the wire. It can be selected according to different purposes.

4. Hardware head - hardware head is mainly used for injection molding parts, including DC head, BNC head, stereo head, DB head, USB head, DIN head, RCA head. Hardware heads also need to choose models, specifications, materials and coatings according to different use environments.

5. Rubber materials - rubber materials are also used for injection molding parts. The commonly used rubber materials include 45P, 60P and so on. Their soft and hard are different, and they can be selected according to needs, and different colors should also be distinguished.

6. Packaging materials - There are also other packaging materials, such as tie, end band, PE bag, carton, rubber ring, etc., which should also be selected according to the packaging requirements. If the goods are sent to foreign countries, they need to be packed in double-layer cartons.

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