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How to deal with electromagnetic interference for automobile wiring harness?
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The complexity and variability of electromagnetic energy composition in the driving environment of automobile electronic equipment means that the sources of electromagnetic interference to the system are relatively wide. The automobile wiring harness is the main source of electromagnetic interference in the automobile, and it is often subject to electromagnetic interference. So how to deal with electromagnetic interference is particularly important.

With many years of experience in automobile wire harness processing, Robust Electronics believes that it is necessary to take the following measures:

1. Shielding interference source equipment and relevant wiring harness: the electronic control unit used by the main electronic control system in the vehicle should be sealed with shielding shell.

2. Add wire harness filter: for long wire harness, in order to reduce the conduction and radiation interference, add filter on the wire harness. It is more convenient to connect the appropriate ferrite magnetic ring.

3. Reasonably plan the harness: in the harness layout, make the low-power sensitive circuit close to the signal source, and the high-power interference circuit close to the load. Try to separate the low-power circuit and high-power circuit as far as possible to reduce the inductive interference and radiation interference between the harnesses.

4. Improve equipment grounding: good grounding arrangement and improved ground wire bonding can reduce high-frequency impedance. The grounding of automotive electronic equipment is mainly connected to the nearby vehicle body and harness shielding layer.

5. Reduce the area of interference received by the harness: the harness should be designed with minimum length, minimum impedance and minimum loop area. It is better to use twisted pair and other power supply methods with small loop area. Increase the distance from the equipment to the interference source: under the condition that the layout of the interference equipment remains unchanged, the installation position of the sensitive components shall be modified to increase the distance to the interference source.

In addition, the electromagnetic interference of the vehicle system also comes from the electromagnetic interference outside the vehicle and the vehicle body. The electromagnetic interference outside the vehicle refers to the interference when the vehicle experiences various external electromagnetic environments while driving. The static interference of the vehicle body is related to both the vehicle and the external environment. These two kinds of electromagnetic interference also occur frequently in daily car operation, which deserves our attention.

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