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Characteristics of high-quality terminal wire
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The terminal line belongs to the weak current cable, which is the internal connection line of electrical equipment. At present, the main terminal wires in the market are 3C, VED and UL. The terminal wire is used as the connecting wire inside the electrical appliance, so its conductive function is very important. If the internal power-on current of the terminal wire is unstable, it will also lead to the unstable performance of the electrical appliance, so we must pay attention to this point when purchasing. Robustly introduce to you what high-quality terminal wire is like:

1. The surface shall be smooth, free of black lines, disordered lines, pits, oxidation, embossing, scratches and bruises, poor tin plating (tin sticking and leaking), oblique lines, hand joints and fingerprints.

2. There is no dust on the surface of copper wire after rolling the terminal wire (over full)

3. The terminal wire tension is moderate, but not loose or too tight.

4. The terminal wire shall be in good condition, uniform, without stacking, under-edged (high side and low side or high side and low side), and without strand.
I hope the above can help you.

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