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Will there be obvious differences between FFC flexible cables from different manufacturers?
Time:2018-12-26 Read: 1819

In the FFC flexible cable industry, there are many differences in quality. Why do the FFC flexible cable from different manufacturers have obvious standard differences?

First of all, the production cost is different, because some of the unqualified materials will greatly reduce the production cost, so many manufacturers want to reduce their production cost, so they use ordinary materials. In addition to the great difference in the quality of production materials, there are also great differences in the process of FFC wiring. This difference in process is caused by the production strength, such as the difference in equipment strength and experience strength, which will naturally lead to the difference in production process in the industry, and this difference in quality will affect the appearance and use effect.

There will be a big difference in the treatment form. Although some parts have been produced, the experience does not conform to the quality pursuit. The original problem is that the quality in the industry is not so high, so the difference between manufacturers and manufacturers has widened to some extent.

Experience is the root of quality. When FFC flexible cable manufacturers do not have better methods and processes, there will be great quality differences. Therefore, when users use this product, they need to pay attention to this aspect. Obviously, the experience referred to in this article is not the same as the strength of his method personnel, but has a team of what should be done. Many manufacturers have reduced the quality of their products because there is no relative improvement in the method team.

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