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Category and structure of automobile wire harness
Time:2019-04-17 Read: 2035
Automotive wiring harnessWhat are the categories:

1. According to the structure, it can be divided into full utilization harness, partial utilization harness and link system;
2. According to different service modes, it is divided into loss system harness and waiting system harness;
3. According to the number of attached sources of service, it is divided into infinite load harness and limited load source harness.
4. In addition to these, there is another classification, which is to divide it into main harness and small harness. This statement is based on the number of parts. The main harness includes engine harness, floor harness, instrument panel harness, etc., and the small harness includes ceiling harness, reversing radar harness, door harness, etc.

Structural composition of automobile wire harness:
The automobile wire harness uses insulating materials to bind multiple wires into bundles, and combines wires of different colors and specifications into one, which is more complete and unified, and convenient for its safety.

60% of the actual current carrying capacity of the wire and 60% to 100% of the actual current carrying capacity of the wire are applicable to two types of electrical equipment that work for a long time and a short time, respectively. The cross section product of the selected wires is selected according to the load current of the automobile electrical equipment. In order to facilitate the understanding of the wires in each wire harness, different colors and letters representing the colors are used. The harness is generally composed of plastic parts, terminals, wires, line protectors, rubber parts, brackets, fasteners and other attachments (including adhesive tapes, sleeves, etc.), which are assembled according to certain process steps.

If Plato is made according to the proportion of the cost of raw materials of the harness, the cost of wires, plastic parts and terminals is a large proportion. The raw materials of the harness are mainly purchased parts. The main way to control the raw material cost is to optimize the raw material cost of the wire, plastic parts and terminals through benchmarking and VAVE.

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