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What is the role of car wiring harness in cars?
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Automobile has become an important means of travel for people now. HoweverCar wiring harnessAs one of the components of automobile, it plays an extremely important role in automobile communication.

Car harness is the main body of the network of car circuits. It connects the electrical and electronic components of the car and makes them function. Without harness, there is no car circuit.

At present, whether it is an advanced luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the wiring harness is basically the same in form. It is composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tape. It should not only ensure the transmission of electrical signals, but also ensure the reliability of the connecting circuit, supply the specified current value to the electronic and electrical components, prevent electromagnetic interference to the surrounding circuits, and eliminate the electrical short circuit.

In terms of function, the car harness can be divided into two types: the power line that carries the power of the driving actuating element (actuator) and the signal line that transmits the input command of the sensor. Power lines are thick wires that carry large current, while signal lines are thin wires that do not carry electricity (optical fiber communication).

The cross-sectional area of wires used for motors and actuators is 0.85 and 1.25 square millimeters, while the cross-sectional area of wires used for power circuits is 2, 3 and 5 square millimeters; Special circuits (starter, alternator, engine ground wire, etc.) have different specifications of 8, 10, 15 and 20 mm2. The larger the cross-sectional area of the wire, the greater the current capacity. In addition to considering the electrical performance, the selection of wires is also restricted by the physical performance of the vehicle, so its selection range is very wide.

In recent years, the number of electromagnetic shielding wires used in weak signal circuits has also increased.

With the increase of vehicle functions and the universal application of electronic control technology, there are more and more electrical components, and more and more on-board wires. The number of circuits and power consumption on the vehicle are significantly increased, and the harness becomes thicker and heavier. This is a big problem that needs to be solved. How to make a large number of wire harnesses more effectively and reasonably arranged in the limited car space, so that the car wire harness can play a greater role, has become a problem faced by the automobile manufacturing industry.

Therefore, the car wiring harness is an indispensable part of the car and plays an important role in the car.

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