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How to identify car harness
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Modern automobile circuits are becoming increasingly complex,Automotive wiring harnessIt is also widely used. When installing the car harness, one careless act may cause unpredictable consequences. How should we correctly identify the harness?

Record the necessary data or mark the car harness

When the car circuit harness is partially damaged and needs to be disassembled and repaired, some necessary data should be recorded, such as the total length of the harness, the main branches, the spacing length between branches, and the length of each branch, to facilitate the repair of the harness.

In addition, we can mark the harness and its corresponding position, or write down the relevant marks corresponding to each harness and terminal post (such as the color of the wire head, the shape or symbol of the terminal post, etc.). This makes it easier to operate during installation and disassembly.

Color and symbol marking of harness wire ends

We can also distinguish which circuit system the harness belongs to by different colors, stripes, sleeves, numbers or letter symbols. For example, the main color of the power supply system circuit of Chinese cars is red (R), the main color of the ignition and starting system circuit is white (W), and the main color of the external lighting system circuit is blue (Bl). In addition, according to different countries, the corresponding colors of automobile circuits are also different.

According to the color and symbol mark of the wire, as well as the symbol mark on the terminal post, it is easy to understand the characteristics and use of the wire, and also help to accurately and quickly identify the wire ends and wiring of the harness.

Circuit schematic diagram and harness diagram

When installing the harness, it is the most basic and important method to distinguish the harness through the automobile circuit schematic diagram and the harness diagram. By making full use of the circuit schematic diagram, you can easily understand the working principle and characteristics of the whole vehicle circuit. By using the harness diagram, you can understand the electrical equipment connected to each part of the harness.

The assembly of automobile wire harness must put forward higher requirements, which can make the after-sales service of automobile manufacturers more complex and difficult. The rapid development of the single car fairy technology also provides more options for the transformation of traditional automobile wiring. There are precedents in the application of bus technology and optical fiber multiplexing technology in automobiles at home and abroad. It has achieved good results, but considering the cost increase brought by the application of these technologies, it is very impractical to realize it on Xiali sedan. Perhaps with the development of technology and the reduction of cost, this technology can also be well combined with Xiali cars in the future, so as to realize the improvement of Xiali cars and promote the development of domestic cars. Considering various factors comprehensively, we adopt the one-line multi-channel module power supply system, which is very in line with the requirements of automobile multi-function.

It can be seen that although the car harness has a simple structure, it is very flexible and convenient to use, with safe performance and low cost.

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