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What is the most important point of attention in terminal wire processing
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Terminal wire processingFrom the perspective of a product, it seems that there is little skill content, but the terminal line is diverse. If you don't know the product itself well and communicate with customers clearly, it will lead to severe results. For example, severe results such as short circuit and burnt goods will cause many customers to re-select suppliers. In the eyes of many high-end customers, the quality of terminal wire processing is more important than the quotation, which is also one of the elements of terminal wire processing career.

When you choose to work with customers. First, we need to know what the customer's products are? What is the skill need? According to the skill needs of customers, whether the company can reach the needs of customers needs to be evaluated. Therefore, it is very important to communicate with customers about terminal wire processing. In fact, you can not know the current arrangement structure of the customer's company, but you need to know the customer's commodity structure, terminal line drawing skills, and communicate with the customer about the customer's drawings, so that the customer can know about the company's skills and equipment, and other aspects, so that the customer can cooperate with us. If you can't do the work, you must tell the customer that you can't do it. Don't cheat the customer, because the quality is to speak with reality, not words.

The time when we cooperate with customers is actually the time when we assist customers, so the degree of knowing the goods directly relates to how much benefits you can bring to customers. The correct proposition can save customers money, reduce customers' complaints in the future use, enable customers to rely on your goods, and practice is your dependence. Once this sense of dependence is established, you will be the first choice of customers in the development of new projects.

Knowing the goods together will make you feel proud when communicating with customers. A proud salesperson is loved by customers because you can help them deal with difficulties. But you should pay attention to the fact that pride is not complacency. Don't treat the customer as a fool. Because the customer can't know the terminal wire very well, but the customer must be a professor in his category. So when you know the terminal line products, you should probably try to know the customer's occupation. In this way, you can also reach the same level with the customer when it comes to some questions about the customer's occupation. In the final analysis, you also know the products.

Generally, when we touch with the customer, the customer will give some photos, items or drawings, which can be of little doubt about a professional terminal line sale, but it is necessary to distinguish the customer's drawings. In the past production, you may have encountered that the customer's drawings are not accurate, or even the product drawings are incorrect. If you do not know about the product, just produce according to the customer's drawings, You can imagine the trouble it will cause customers and you in the future.

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