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Why the terminal wire is not powered on
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Leadwire It mainly refers to the connectors inside electrical and electronic products, which are mainly used to connect and transmit current between multiple circuits. The internal conductors of terminal wires are mainly divided into tinned copper and bare copper. For electrical appliances, the quality of terminal wire directly determines the performance of electrical appliances. If the quality of terminal wire is poor, it will seriously affect the normal use of electrical appliances. What is the reason why the terminal wire is not energized?

1. Damping of insulator: It may be due to improper use or construction, which may lead to damp of insulation layer, and then further lead to abnormal electrification of harness. Because in some humid environments, the resonance generated during the use of the harness will crack, and water molecules will easily enter, which will lead to moisture of the terminal wire. In view of this situation, we should timely strengthen the protection of the insulation layer of the harness, or consider replacing the harness in serious cases.

2. Too high voltage: it means that the voltage is too high to cause breakdown of the electrical layer, and then the harness can not be energized.

3. It is possible that the insulator is aging: the aging and cracking of the insulator will cause the harness to be unable to power on normally, because in the long-term use process, it will lead to poor heat dissipation or overload of the insulator, and then be damaged. In order to ensure safety, replace the harness in time.

4. Damaged: In the process of using the terminal wire, the harness is damaged due to improper operation, which leads to excessive bending of the harness or other symptoms, and it cannot be powered on normally. At this time, the electronic wire should be checked first and then repaired. If it cannot be repaired, the harness should be replaced.

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