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How to select a good manufacturer of automobile wire harness
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How to choose a good one Automobile wire harness processingmanufactor:

1. Look at the plant
Generally, the website will display the picture of the workshop of the automobile harness processing factory. We can look at it, and then go to the factory to check whether there is a way out with the workshop on the website, which can well identify the integrity of the harness processing factory.

2. Qualification
It only needs iso9001 quality management system to make wire harness, but it is different to make automobile wire harness. Only enterprises that need ISO/TS16949 international automobile quality management system can be regarded as qualified enterprises, and only factories that can make automobile wire harness.

3. Look at prestige
It seems that this wire harness manufacturer is cooperating with those large companies, whether or not automobile wire harness, and the perennial cooperation with large companies can ensure that this company has fundamental quality control ability and after-sales treatment ability.

4. High-tech enterprises, this standard has been popularized throughout the country, and has been recognized by many powerful manufacturers. As for the fact that manufacturers without strength can not meet this requirement, high-tech enterprises have classified enterprises into high-quality and high-quality high-tech enterprises, and low-cost unqualified enterprises.

5. See the production
Since many manufacturers claim to have produced car harnesses, but they have not actually produced them, you can take samples from other places to show you if there are car harnesses in the production line.
Through the above five points, we can well analyze and evaluate whether the harness processing plant meets your company's requirements, and then further confirm the ability and service of product solutions.
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