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What are the precautions for the processing and assembly of automobile wire harness
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Automobile wire harness processingInstallation is to bind various types of wires into bundles, which are called harnesses. Unified binding can maintain the insulation layer, and together it can better connect parts and save space. The materials of automobile harnesses mainly include wires, connectors and sensors. Now, Fenglilai Auto Wire Harness Processing Factory will explain the points and importance of car wire harness installation:

Points for attention in the processing and installation of automobile wire harness

First of all, the selection of connectors and sheaths: generally, the chassis harnesses are corrugated sheaths with good flame retardancy and mechanical properties, while the cab harnesses are wrapped with cold-resistant and heat-resistant insulating plastic tapes. It is installed and produced according to the working environment of the car harness.

Then produce in sections: for the convenience of subsequent installation and repair, the automobile harness manufacturer generally makes in sections, and connects the multi-segment harnesses together through connectors. In the use of cars, the fewer segments of harnesses are the better, which can avoid the excessive connectors resulting in voltage drop, and thus the formation of poor contact. The production in sections together can timely detect poor contact, poor insulation and installation errors and other defective products.

Secondly, do not pull the harness too tight when assembling the car harness (especially when arranging the harness horizontally) to prevent the orientation of the harness fixing point from loosening when the vehicle fluctuates, resulting in a sudden increase in the distance between the two fixing points, resulting in poor contact inside the harness, changes in the wire parameters and even breaking the wire.

Finally, the identification of poor harness contact: most of the reasons are in the connector. When the problem occurs, the electrical equipment cannot work normally. Be able to clean the connector faults through connecting the power supply of the electrical equipment and testing tools.

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