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How to prevent damage of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire
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High-temperature silica gel connecting wireIt is composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. The general silicone rubber is mainly composed of silicon oxygen links containing methyl and a small amount of vinyl. The introduction of phenyl can improve the high and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber. The properties of silicone rubber have been greatly improved after vulcanization. In our application, it is likely to cause damage to the high-temperature silica gel cable. How to make the high-temperature silica gel cable useful and loss-proof is the most important thing.
1、 Specification and Measures for Damage Prevention and Waterproof of High-temperature Silicone Connecting Wire
1. Repair of large joints in the production process: during the production process, due to other reasons, the machine is temporarily stopped and the sheath is disconnected, so the joints can be continuous. The method is to cut the plastic sheath into a circular slope shape with a 45 degree angle, back to the machine head, extend it into the mold core mouth for three centimeters, and then run the glue. After the glue is run, connect the plastic layer with your hand when driving, and then reshape and repair.
2. Repair of general large joints: cut the two ends of the broken glue on the plastic layer with a knife along the circumference into a slope shape of 45 degrees, take the plastic pipe that is clean, has the same color and thickness, and has the same length and outer diameter as the broken glue, cut the pipe side along the axis into an opening with an angle of 45 degrees to each other and cover it at the broken glue, tie it tightly with fine copper wire at the same distance, and then use the same plastic strip under the welding of the hot-air plastic welding gun to bond and weld it well, Then use copper sheet to compact, compact and flatten.
3. The high temperature silica gel connecting wire has quality defects in the long length from one end, while most of the other broken ends have excellent sheath. The cable length can also be fixed by using the repair method of large joints in the production process. Only after removing the sheath at one end with quality defects, select a larger mold on the extruder, squeeze and wrap the sheath at the other end according to the process, and gradually increase the traction speed to the large joint to make the sheath at the interface gradually thinner and cover the original sheath cut into a slope shape, and then reshape and repair after getting off the machine.
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