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What are the common precautions in the processing of automobile wire harness
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Automobile wire harness processingCommon precautions in the process:
The manufacturer can take preventive measures in advance for the common precautions in the process of automobile wire harness processing in the process of processing the produced wire harness, which not only improves the quality of the wire harness processing products, but also greatly improves the output power of the wire harness processing. Pay attention to harness composition, wiring and connector processing.
1. Composition of automobile harness processing: The harness processing diagram on the automobile is actually composed of many harnesses, mainly including main harness and branch harness. Therefore, the composition of each harness must be clearly marked on the drawing, because each harness will have several different branches, and each branch must be marked with how many wires, as well as the color and stripes of the wires.
2. Wiring signs and codes: Because the number of electrical appliances on the car is relatively large and complex, in order to connect correctly, each different connection point must be clearly marked with the connection signs and codes, mainly for the convenience of connection.
3. Length of automobile harness processing: In fact, the length of automobile harness processing also includes the total length of the entire harness, the length of each branch and the length of flying distance between two wire ends.
4. Connector in harness processing: because the harness is composed of many different wires, and connectors are needed between harnesses and harnesses, between harnesses and branches, and between branches and electrical appliances to connect with each other, it is necessary to mark the number of conductors on each different connector, as well as the location of each wire in the connector, and the most important thing is the shape of the connector, Pay special attention to the adjacent connectors, which are easily confused.
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