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Features of FFC flexible cable
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FFC flexible flat cable The full name in English is Flexible Flat Cable, and the full name in Chinese is Flexible Flat Cable.FFC flexible flat cableIt is not a simple and boring flat line. Its own characteristics are humanistic spirit. Shenzhen Robust Electronics is a professional manufacturerFFC flexible flat cableManufacturer of.


The first word flexible means "soft" in Chinese.FFC flexible flat cableThe first characteristic of is highly consistent with that of water. It is because of its softness that it is widely used. In printers, ink-jet printers, and copiers, the needles move back and forth, driving the FFC flexible cable to move back and forth. Because of the softness of the FFC flexible cable, the security camera lens can rotate 360 ° without dead angle to achieve perfect monitoring.

The second word flat means "flat" in Chinese.FFC flexible flat cableThe second attribute of is to highlight "flat". Bian is also to lower himself, so as not to be so swollen and prominent. "Ping" represents a steady and simple, less fanatical, roller-coaster thrill.FFC flexible flat cableAs a blood vessel connecting electronic signals, there is no need for gorgeous appearance and decoration. Fulfill their responsibilities, realize the essence of "connecting everything" and serve thousands of enterprises. The security monitoring shaker can monitor everything in real time, and the car CD can play soft music. It does not occupy too much space and is convenient for the layout and installation of other parts.

FFC flexible flat cableThe third feature of is that it can be bent at will. When connecting electronic components, sometimes there is a straight line between connectors. In other words, we need to bend the FFC flexible flat cable and change the angle to connect two connectors that are not on the same line; Sometimes the two connectors are not on the same plane, and there is a step height difference. At this point, we only need to bend the FFC flexible flat cable to achieve the connection effect by forming a "Z" shape. Therefore, we should perform flexible bending like FFC flexible flex cables. First of all, we should solve the problem in front of us. The purpose of bending temporarily is to stand upright for a long time in the future.


FFC flexible flat cableIts characteristic is that it integrates the great wisdom of life. It is similar to the nature of water, low-key and inconspicuous. EachFFC flexible flat cableIt is always hidden in the device and plays a role in it silently. It seems that the user cannot find or notice it. But if it doesn't work, the whole equipment will have to "rest" for a period of time. This is the most gentle, low-key and simple attitude towards life. It shows the beauty to the outside world without competing for favor, and leaves the glory to others without letting people down. Plain represents ordinary and plain, and represents FFC soft flat cable low-key, steady and down-to-earth. Its own characteristics explain the essence of human life. We should use a soft, low-key and simple life attitude to do a good job of FFC flexible cable. Robust Electronics as a professional manufacturerFFC flexible flat cableWe must maintain a low-key and pragmatic attitude and contribute to the strength of FFC flexible cable manufacturers.

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