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Car harness is the soul of car!
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In order to make all kinds of wires on the car beautiful and not messy, convenient for wiring and installation, and protect the insulation layer from damage, the wires of different specifications and different working purposes are wrapped into bundles, which is called Automotive wiring harnessWire harness is the soul part of automobile.


Nowadays, the development of domestic cars is very fast, and the requirements for car harnesses are also very high. The composition of automobile wire harness is wire and connector. The quality requirement of automobile wire harness is the requirement of automobile connector. We are specialized in producing automobile wire harness. We produce our products with the attitude that quality is life. As we all know, the service life of the car is at least 15 years or longer, and the service life of the car harness is higher. You can consider the standard and conductivity of high-end car harness. Therefore, the importance of wire harness is inevitable in order to make the vehicle performance reach the level of imported vehicles. As for the harness itself, there are two aspects: wires and connectors.


We constantly learn technology to make our products accurate and standardize all parts of the car harness, including the inspection of tension. We have our own testing capabilities in the adhesion of car harnesses, high and low temperature standards, material environmental protection, and other aspects, and we will continue to surpass them.

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