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Processing and production steps of terminal harness
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The processing and production process steps of terminal harness are generally divided into the following four parts

1. Cutting line

Use the automatic cutting machine and equipment to cut the wires according to the process requirements of the terminal wire, arrange the cut wires neatly according to the regulations (for example, 50 wires/bundles) and place them in the designated position, affix the product identification, and then flow to the next production process of the terminal wire.

2. Peeling

Install the corresponding stripping machine and equipment according to the specifications of the end line, and adjust the stripping, clamping and cutting process according to the technical requirements of the end line. Adjust the size adjustment plate according to the peeling length, place the wire in the middle of the peeling machine blade, place the wire head on the size adjustment plate, step on the foot to peel, and then flow to the next end line.

3. Tin dipping

Adjust the stripped wire to the tin furnace (300 ± 20 ℃) according to the temperature given in the standard operating procedure, arrange the wires, separate and align each core wire, and dip the core wire with flux. During tin dipping, the core wire must be vertically fed into the tin furnace (the size is required by the standard operating procedure). After the core wire is in place, take out the wire immediately and then flow to the next end wire.

4. Terminal crimping

According to the process requirements for the production of terminal wire, use a crimping machine to crimp the tinned wire to the terminal. After this process is completed, the completed terminal line is completed. The following process flows to the inspection and packaging process of the terminal line.

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