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What is the function, composition and function of the on-board harness?
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1. What is the harness

The vehicle harness is often compared to the neural network system of the vehicle. On-board wiring harness is the main network of automobile circuit. Without wiring harness, there is no car circuit. A harness literally means to wind wires into bundles. The on-board harness defines the use environment of the harness, that is, it is assembled on SAIC Motor.

The on-board harness runs through the whole vehicle. It connects all electrical equipment in the car and acts as the power supply and signal transmission medium of the equipment. The vehicle harness is often compared to the neural network system of the vehicle. On-board wiring harness is the main network of automobile circuit. Without wiring harness, there is no car circuit.

2. Function and function of harness

Harness is an indispensable system-level component in the whole vehicle. Its function is to provide and distribute power for all systems of the whole vehicle, and it is also the medium of signal transmission between all components.

To put it bluntly, automotive electrical appliances, such as headlights, need to be connected to the battery or generator through a harness to form a power circuit. In order to turn on the headlamp, the body controller (BCM) must recognize the driver's intention - turn on the lamp combination switch, and the signal interaction between the combination switch and BCM also needs to be through the harness.

3. On-board harness components

There are a wide variety of components of low-voltage wiring harness, including cables, connectors, terminals, fuse boxes, relays, fuses, plastic supports, metal supports, PVC insulated pipes, corrugated pipes, heat-shrinkable pipes, sealing rings, rubber sleeves, tapes, ties, protective covers, bolts, etc.

The on-board harness is composed of wires, connectors, harness envelopes, harness clamps (clips, rubber parts, harness supports, etc.) And harness accessories.

For the harness, the connector is a relatively precise part. In order to ensure the connection performance between the harness assembly and the electrical equipment, it is generally required to use the male and female connectors in a complete set, that is, select the same set of connectors from the same manufacturer, which is very important for the important parts and safety parts of the vehicle, such as airbag, ABS, etc.

4. Sling dressing

The main function of sling bandage is to protect the sling. According to the different bandage materials, the types of bandages mainly include bellows, PVC tape, duct tape, flannel tape, sponge tape, aluminum foil tape, etc.

Due to different materials, the material characteristics of different dressings are also different. Accordingly, the application conditions and methods of different dressings on the sling components are also different. The specific selection shall be based on the specific use environment, abrasion resistance and heat resistance of the harness.

5. Harness clamp

Unlike other parts in other cars, the harness is a flexible part, so it cannot send samples according to the given shape. Therefore, in order to limit the layout path of the harness on the whole vehicle, additional parts need to be added to fix the harness. These additional parts are harness clamps, which play a role in fixing the harness and limiting the layout path of the harness.

The harness fixing device includes: cable tie, buckle, rubber sheath, harness support, etc. According to the different harness installation environment, such as the harness installation space, temperature requirements, waterproof requirements, etc., the shape and material of each harness clamp are different. Even so, the harness fixture also presents the trend of standardization, and is one of the components that are easy to realize in the selection of harness platform.

6. Harness accessories

Harness accessories refer to other smaller products on the harness assembly, such as the product label and fuse clip on the harness assembly.

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