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What is the difference between high-temperature silica gel connecting wire and PVC wire?
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High-temperature silica gel connecting wireDifference from PVC line

What adverse effects does the thickness of silicone wire sheath have on the use of wires and cables?

(1) The cable structure is faulty

Such as conductor, insulation, braid density, etc. Control according to the requirements of the standard, select the appropriate filler to make it round.

(2) Material performance defect

The material properties are not reflected by the thickness, but according to the standard requirements. If a certain index is not up to the standard, it will directly affect the quality of silicon rubber tube wires and cables.

(3) Increase the difficulty of cable laying

At present, cable laying is mainly based on bridges or pipes, and many enterprises are implementing tight cable requirements and small outer diameter. During the laying process, there can be gaps to radiate heat energy to ensure that the outer sheath of the cable is not damaged. Otherwise, it will bring certain difficulties to the construction unit and cable laying.

(4) Shorten service life

After the cable is laid, it will be powered on for a long time. Energization will generate heat energy. The allowable working temperature of conductor is 70 ° C, and the allowable long-term working temperature of silicone wire is 180 ° C The working temperature will rise in summer, and these temperatures will be radiated out through the outer sheath. The thickness of the sheath will increase, and the heat energy is difficult to radiate, affecting the service life of the cable. Under the effect of heat, a series of physical and chemical changes have taken place in the insulation layer, which has lost its original excellent performance, leading to a significant decline in insulation performance, even short circuit, affecting the normal operation of the unit.

Generally speaking, PVC wire can withstand temperatures ranging from - 15 ℃ to 80 ℃, while silicone wire can reach temperatures ranging from - 60 ℃ to 200 ℃. The service life of PVC wire is short, generally about two years, and its flexibility is poor. Weak anti-aging performance, easy to crack in the sun, suitable for indoor lamps and household appliances. The PVC wire itself is hard. Smooth surface and high brightness: V of the same specification has much lower cost and compressive strength than silica gel wire. PVC wire has poor bending recovery ability. Once bent and folded, it is difficult to restore its original appearance. However, silicone wire also has some disadvantages, such as poor tear resistance of sheath and high manufacturing cost.

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