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Arrangement of electric vehicle wiring harness
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With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the continuous growth of market holdings, users' requirements for the safety, reliability and environmental protection of electric vehicles are constantly improving. With the emergence of wire types, how to arrange a large number of different types of wire harnesses more effectively and reasonably in the limited interior space has become a difficult problem for the development of automobile products.

Compared with fuel vehicles, the wiring harness layout of electric vehicles has both similarities and special concerns. In short, the wiring harness layout of electric vehicles is more concerned than that of fuel vehicles.

Solution to the safety problem of electric vehicle harness connector:

In order to ensure the safety of drivers and maintenance technicians under high-voltage environment, a series of complex factors in the electrical system must be considered to ensure reliability and optimization. The connection system is a key part of the high-voltage electrical harness, especially the design of high-power harness. From the perspective of safety, the design of the high-voltage connection system should pay attention to two aspects, namely, the high-voltage interlock circuit (HVIL) and the environmental seal of the connector (to avoid short circuit between high-voltage terminals) when the vehicle is in use).

Because unsealed lines can lead to short circuit and other fault modes, the sealing of high-voltage lines is very important. It is well known that water and electricity are incompatible. The use of wire ring seal and connector peripheral seal can make the connector truly sealed, ensuring that moisture cannot enter and will not cause overheating or sparks. Compared with the traditional 12V system, the high-voltage system needs stronger sealing, because the higher the voltage, the greater the chance of flashover.

Due to the special requirements of electric vehicles on the protection level, EMC and energy consumption of the whole vehicle, the development trend of electric vehicle wiring harness layout is mainly towards waterproof layout, high integration and lightweight.

1. Complete vehicle unified planning path

2. The paths on both sides are evenly arranged

3. Highly integrated component system to simplify harness layout

4. The fixing method reaches IP69K protection level

5. Mainline through-type integrated layout

6. Composite technology of power bus and power line communication

Development trend of electric vehicle wiring harness layout:

Power bus parallel distribution technology - power bus series distribution technology - power bus and power line communication composite technology.

The power distribution technology in the electrical box has gradually developed to the new Power Bus technology, realizing a new stage of low-voltage power and communication composite transmission control management, completely overturning the current wiring harness layout principle, and bringing new changes. Harness layout.

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