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Problems and solutions of terminal wire processing
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Problems encountered in processing terminal wire:

1. PIN is removed from the terminal when penetrating the rubber shell;

2. The wire is stained with tin or connected with tin;

3. The tension after crimping is not up to standard;

4. The label is not stained;

5. How to test the coating of terminals;

6. How to test the tension of the double-voltage terminal;


The solution to the problem of processing terminal wire is:

1. It only needs a pull back action every time it is inserted into a hole. Make the buckle on the terminal line and the rubber case jam, and you can feel resistance when pulling back, so that there will be no problem of PIN disconnection.

2. Once the wire is coated with tin, it may cause PVC to shrink under heat. In this case, we should choose temperature-resistant PVC and control the time of tin exposure not to be too long. When connecting tin, if you re-stick the tin-connected wire and quietly pull the two wires apart from each other, you will not continue to connect tin.

3. If the harness tension cannot be reached, the reasons can be found from the following aspects: whether the crimping range of the terminal and wire conductor is suitable; Design of blade material and structure; Material of terminals, etc.

4. If the label is not sticky, we should not directly touch the adhesive surface with our hands when pasting it, first stick it on a clean metal, and then stick it on the line one by one.

5. You can do salt spray test for the segment.

6. The tension of a single wire shall be tested for terminals with double voltage, and the test method is the same as that of single wire termination.

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