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Characteristics of wire harness processing equipment and precautions during production
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Compared with large wire harness enterprises, small wire harness enterprises are facing fierce market competition. If wire harness processing enterprises want to occupy a place in the market by virtue of wire harness products with low profit margin, they must significantly reduce costs, increase production and improve productivity to gain some profits. The direct way is to introduce automatic wire harness processing equipment, the characteristics of wire harness processing equipment and what should be paid attention to in the production process?

Features of wire harness processing equipment:

1. It is applicable to the precision processing of various flexible thin coaxial cables in the communication and radio frequency industries;

2. The rotating tool head is matched with V-shaped cutting tool, and the processing process is precise and efficient, without damaging the conductor!

3. Wire cutting, multi-section peeling, middle window opening, peeling and glue retention, length peeling and other functions are complete!

4. With up to 100 groups of storage capacity, it can completely store all kinds of processing data and transmit it at any time!

5. Silicone high-temperature line, high elastic line, precision medical line and high-end automobile line can be processed.

What should be paid attention to during the production of wire harness processing equipment?

The general working process of harness processing includes wire cutting, peeling, head stripping, crimping terminal, tin dipping, shell inserting, welding, casing, testing, appearance inspection, packaging and warehousing. It can be said that each process is very important, and there are many precautions, which directly affect the quality of the entire harness.

For example, the production line requires that the length of the production line be within the tolerance range, and neither too long nor too short can flow to the next process;

The peeling also has length requirements, and the inner core wire cannot be damaged;

The stripping head has length requirements, which directly relates to the specification of the terminal. The terminal that is too short and too long is unqualified for crimping;

It is important to press the terminal, the tension must meet the standard, and the terminal appearance must be OK;

The dip tin is full of tin, and part of it is tin, without broom head, fork, big head and other phenomena, otherwise it is unqualified;

It is easy to insert the shell incorrectly and not in place; False welding, faulty welding, missing welding and wrong welding are not allowed during welding;

The casing includes heat-shrinkable pipe, PVC pipe, winding pipe, yellow wax pipe, etc., which has strict requirements for size and process;

The test includes conduction test, resistance voltage test, etc. Nonconforming products are defective products; Appearance inspection is a supplement to previous process inspection. For the overall harness appearance inspection, if it is unqualified, it needs to be returned for repair;

It is also important to pack and store each wire harness properly when packaging and warehousing, otherwise qualified products will become defective products.

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