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Requirements for materials of on-board harness
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On-board wiring harness has strict requirements on materials, including its electrical performance, material dispersion, temperature resistance, etc., which are higher than ordinary wiring harness, especially the requirements related to safety are more strict, including the following points:


What is the material requirement of on-board harness

1. The ambient temperature of the engine is high, and there are many corrosive gases and liquids. Therefore, the wire of engine harness must be high temperature, oil, vibration and friction resistant.

2. The wires on the automatic transmission use wires that are resistant to hydraulic oil, high temperature and good temperature stability.

3. The wire of the harness on the luggage compartment cover should maintain its elasticity under low temperature, so the cold elastic wire should be selected to ensure its normal operation.

4. Shielded wires shall be used for weak signal sensors.

5. The ABS harness assembly uses 150-200 ℃ high temperature resistant, hard external protective insulation layer, wear-resistant, and more than 133 stranded wires.

6. The wires used for power lines, such as starter alternator output lines and battery lines, are special wires that can withstand large current, with good heat dissipation performance of insulation layer and low voltage.

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