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Process cost analysis of terminal harness processing quotation
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Profit is the only way for every manufacturer to survive and develop. Profit is defined by the terminal harness processing quotation required by customers. For the quotation problem, the manufacturer will get the final price through various cost analysis.


1、 Material cost analysis: the quoted material cost of terminal harness processing mainly includes terminal cost and wire cost. The material cost is a very basic and important item in many cost analysis, accounting for the main cost of the quotation. The description of the material needs to tell the type and basic information, such as size/color. The information of the material manufacturer needs to focus on whether it is a localized part, For the consumption and unit of materials, the minimum packaging quantity of products should be considered. The principle of material selection is to give priority to the existing materials in the warehouse.

2、 Assembly cost analysis: the assembly cost of the terminal harness processing quotation is sequenced according to the product structure. When analyzing the processing hours of each operation of the product, you need to refer to the basic information such as the standard working hours within the enterprise. As for the number of personnel in the work station, it is necessary to consider the distribution of personnel in each process, balance the working time between processes as much as possible, and avoid bottlenecks. For labor costs, full reference should be made to the minimum hourly wage in the city where the enterprise is located and the additional labor costs of the enterprise.

3、 Packaging cost analysis: for the quotation of terminal harness processing, in view of the packaging status of the product, it is necessary to consider the impact of the product label, minimum packaging quantity, outer box packaging, export label, product turnover storage, product transportation and other links on the product without special instructions from the customer. Generally, the outer packaging of products is based on the packaging needs of customers.

4、 Total cost analysis: After the analysis of material cost, processing cost, tooling cost and packaging cost is completed, all costs in the total cost analysis need to be summarized, and then the cost proportion of each item should be reasonably matched. If there is an unreasonable cost ratio, it is necessary to find out the reason and analyze whether it can be controlled.

In addition, the analysis of the quoted cost of terminal harness processing is the internal comprehensive evaluation of the price of a single product by the enterprise. In the process of quotation, in addition to the annual consumption and product cycle of the project, other factors that affect the price of the product should also be considered, such as the stage of the supporting project in the vehicle factory, the proportion of the enterprise's supply, and whether the project supplied by the enterprise has a price locking period.

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