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Precautions for installation of automobile wire harness
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1. All harnesses shall be neatly routed, firmly fixed, free from shaking and hanging, interference and stress, friction and damage. In order to make the wiring harness layout reasonable and beautiful, various types and sizes of fixed supports can be used for wiring. When wiring harness, the specific installation positions of various electrical components and connectors shall be fully considered, and the wiring shall be carried out in combination with the body structure to reserve the length of the harness.

The harnesses that grow out of the vehicle body and are not used shall be folded and coiled, and the connectors shall be sealed and protected, and there shall be no suspension, shaking and bearing force on the vehicle body. The outer sheath of the harness shall not be damaged, otherwise it must be bound, and the bellows must be bound tightly with tape or binding tape.


2. The car harness shall be connected with the chassis harness, the top frame harness shall be connected with the main harness, the chassis harness shall be connected with the engine harness, the top frame harness and the rear tail harness electric control harness diagnostic socket shall be placed in a place that is easy to maintain. At the same time, when the harness is bound and fixed, the connectors of various harnesses should be placed near the access hole operated by the maintenance personnel.

3. When the car harness passes through the hole, it needs to use the threading jacket. If there is no suitable threading jacket, it can be replaced by bellows or black rubber, but it should be fixed firmly to prevent it from falling off. When passing through the hole in the car body, sealant should be added to fill the hole gap to prevent dust from entering the interior of the car. When passing through the corners and edges of the harness, use rubber or floor leather for protection. When the floor leather is used for protection, the same or similar color as the surrounding color shall be used in the easily visible places such as leakage or opening of the cabin door.

4. If there is a work instruction for mass production vehicles, the requirements of the work instruction shall be strictly followed first. If there is no operation instruction, during installation, the consistency of production shall be ensured from the following aspects: line location, fixing method, number of fixing points, etc.

5、Automotive wiring harnessThe installation layout shall avoid high temperature (exhaust pipe, air pump, etc.), easily wet (lower part of engine, etc.), and easily corroded parts (base area of battery, etc.).

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