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Customized comparison of terminal harness processing
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First of all, we need to knowTerminal harness processingThe product composition and terminal harness are generally divided into three important parts: wire, connector and terminal. For example, what type of wire is suitable for how much current? What kind of connectors can meet customers' needs? How many wires can be connected with what terminals? We should be clear about all these. According to the purpose of terminal harness, many industries use terminal harness. What kind of terminal harness is suitable for customers' products? Next, we will explain several knowledge points of terminal harness processing customization.

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Comparison between terminal harness processing and customization (I) and design: Now electronic products are more and more diversified, and most customers need customization. How to design products that meet customer needs will test the strength and experience of a manufacturer.

Comparison of terminal harness processing customization (II) and material comparison: At present, most of the non-environmental protection wires on the market are not uniform, with quality inspection standards, unsafe, and short service life. These problems directly affect the quality of products.

Comparison between terminal harness processing customization (III) and chip: there are many non-standard impurities, the same specification cannot meet the standard cross-sectional area, the conduction current is insufficient, the resistance is too large, and it is unsafe.

Comparison of terminal harness processing customization (IV) and connector: most of them are assembled in the electronic market, and the parts of the connector are poor in workmanship, equipment connection is not tight, and stability is poor.

By comparing the above points with the customized terminal harness processing, do you know how to choose.

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