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Basic materials of automobile wire harness
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Automotive wiring harnessIt is the carrier of the connection between various parts of the automobile circuit. Someone once made an image analogy. The automobile wiring harness is the blood vessel, the automobile engine is the heart, the heart beats because of the blood vessel, the engine is the heart of the automobile, the heart beats because of the blood vessel, and the engine runs because of the wiring harness. It can be seen that the automobile wiring harness is important for the normal and stable operation of the entire automobile circuit. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the product and process knowledge of automobile wire harness.

Wire harness refers to the parts of the connecting circuit formed by pressing the wire and cable to the contact terminal (connector) made of copper material, and then molding the insulator or adding a metal shell on the outside. In short, it is the electrical circuit connecting the automobile electrical appliances. The operation status and parameters of the automobile are reflected on the on-board computer through the harness. On the other hand, the electronic technology content of automobile wiring harness has become an important target for evaluating automobile functions.


Classification of automobile harness: automobile harness can be divided into main harness and small harness. The main harness includes engine harness, central junction box harness, instrument panel harness, cockpit harness, etc; The small harness includes door harness, battery harness, ABS brake harness, etc. In addition, according to the different voltage, the car harness can be divided into high-voltage harness and low-voltage harness. High-voltage wires of automobiles are characterized by high voltage, low current and high insulation requirements, so the insulation layer is often thicker and the core wire is thinner.

Production process of automobile wire harness: The production process of automobile wire harness mainly includes uncoupling, crimping, pre-assembly, final assembly, etc. The main data of wire harness is heat shrinkage data, and heat shrinkage data is important insulation data in automobile wire harness. The proportion of home-made heat-shrinkable materials used in automobile manufacturing in shopping malls is still very low, only about 20%.

The development trend of automobile wiring harness: with the development of automobile electronics, the economy, comfort and reliability will become more and more prominent, and the requirements for wiring harness will also become higher and higher. Domestic auto wire harness shopping malls will gradually transform from low-cost strategic shopping malls to high-tech shopping malls with high cost performance. Automobile wiring harness is also developing in the direction of high-voltage, lightweight and standardization.

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