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Potential safety hazard of electric vehicle harness
Time:2024-01-10 Read: 1065

Electric wire harnessAfter being used for a period of time, there are three aspects that can easily cause potential safety hazards.

1、 It is difficult to find slight damage to the harness assembly of electric vehicle

People will inevitably encounter various adverse road conditions in the daily driving process of electric vehicles, and bumps and tremors may cause slight damage to the internal parts of electric vehicles. These damages are relatively minor because they are not easy to be found. However, just as people are overworked, the harness components of electric vehicles will also cause great safety hazards due to slight damage.

2、 Current surges can cause damage to electrical components

The damage of electrical components is the main reason for the sudden flameout of most electric vehicles. The root cause is the damage of electrical components caused by the current surge generated during the start and speed change of electric vehicles. At the same time, the damage of electrical components will greatly shorten the service life of electric vehicle batteries.


3、 Accelerated aging of the line caused by overheating of the line

The line aging of electric vehicle harnesses is a very common safety hazard on electric vehicles. The main inducement is that there are too many electric vehicle harnesses. It is easy to cause overheating of the line during operation, resulting in accelerated aging of the line. And the line aging greatly increases the risk of fire during operation of electric vehicles.

In view of the slight damage of the harness components of the electric vehicle, the smart electric vehicle can scan the internal electrical components of the electric vehicle with one button by installing the "Car Genie" APP on the mobile phone. Even minor faults can be reported in a timely manner, which is convenient for repair and maintenance.

Create smart, fashionable, safe and environmentally friendly electric vehicles for users, fundamentally changing the way people travel.

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