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Troubleshooting method of automobile wiring harness
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At present, both high-end luxury cars and economical ordinary cars have harnesses.Automotive wiring harnessIt looks simple. It is basically composed of wires, connectors, wrapping tapes, etc; However, in the application of automobile, the harness fault has strong hidden danger and great harm, especially the harness overheat and short circuit fault, which is easy to cause fire.


So why do the car harness have these faults?

1. Beyond the service life

The use of wire harness exceeds its service life, such as wire aging, insulation layer cracking, significant reduction of mechanical strength, etc., which may cause short circuit between wires, broken wire, iron core accumulation, etc; Oxidation and deformation of terminals may cause poor contact, and also cause electrical equipment to fail to work normally.

2. Electrical fault

When the electrical equipment is overloaded, short-circuited and grounded, it may cause damage to the wire harness.

3. Human operation error

When assembling or repairing auto parts, metal objects squeeze the wire harness to break the insulation layer of the wire harness; Improper harness position; The lead position of electrical equipment is wrong; The positive and negative leads of the battery are connected reversely; When the circuit is disconnected, the disordered connection of the harness will cause the abnormal operation of the electrical equipment and even burn the harness.

Troubleshooting methods for automobile harness faults

How do we judge when checking the fault of the car circuit? Generally speaking, poor contact is a common problem in line faults. In this case, it is necessary to use a multimeter to check the gear level by level to narrow the fault range. In general, special attention should be paid to the connection of the plug-in. The poor contact caused by the dislocation of the plug-in terminal is likely to be missed installation and insertion. The short circuit of the electronic system circuit and the fusing of the electronic system fuse are common faults in automobiles. Finding the specific short circuit position is the key to solve the fault. The circuit device of the whole electronic system should be checked. For the harness aging, serious damage, internal circuit short circuit or internal circuit open circuit fault, it is usually necessary to replace the harness.

Due to the particularity of the automobile industry, the material requirements of the automobile harness are also very strict, and the manufacturing process of the automobile harness is also more special than other ordinary harnesses.

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