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Problems to be understood before maintenance of car harness
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becauseAutomotive wiring harnessThe design of the car harness is relatively complex, which makes it more difficult to repair the car harness. Understanding the overall structure of the car harness will help improve the maintenance efficiency. The following are the questions you should know before repairing the car harness.


1. Safety issues:

Whether it is to repair or add a new car harness, take out the car battery to avoid damaging the circuit due to short circuit. However, if some diagnostic tests are in progress, the test lamp or multi-layer test may require batteries.

In addition, when you start the maintenance work, you must check the overall wiring first and pay attention to whether there is any faulty wiring. If you see any gnawed or rough wire, please do not touch it, because the defective harness may be dangerous.

2. Understand the circuit:

At present, our cars have computer-controlled circuits, which is challenging. It is important to understand the circuit when repairing the car harness. There are several low-voltage signal transmission methods in modern vehicles. If they are not welded too much or spliced too long, they may add high resistance to the system, resulting in signal error and computer error calculation.

3. Matching wire gauge:

You need to understand the basic knowledge of automobile harness wire gauge, and select the wire whose specification matches the corresponding signal, switch or circuit. For example, the headlamp operates on the thin line specification, while the battery operates on the thick line specification. Be sure to match the wire gauge with its function. Too thin wire will cause surge, while too thick wire will increase the resistance of current path.

In addition, it is also necessary to understand that the length and specification of the car harness determine its current carrying capacity. When the distance from the source increases, the diameter also needs to increase. As the distance increases, the voltage drop will also be higher. In order to offset this voltage drop over a long distance, it is necessary to use thicker specification wires.

4. Disconnect the car harness from the middle:

If you want to replace or repair the safety wire in the car harness, you need to remove the wire very carefully. Pulling hard will damage the saddle and connector. Be careful when bending the cable and connector.

5. Avoid using solid wire:

The vehicle is constantly subject to vibration and impact, which may damage the hard solid wire. Although the car harness can be used normally for the time being, it will cause bad problems.

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