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Common factors of on-board harness aging
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On-board harnessAging is a common difficulty in wiring harnesses. It seems necessary to study the causes of wiring harness aging to avoid wiring harness aging. The basic reason for wiring harness aging is that the insulation is reduced and penetrated. What are the factors that persecute the aging of on-board wiring harness? Let's talk about the difficulties.


1. Common faults of on-board harness connector: the harness connector is the missing stage in the route, and the common faults of the harness connector caused by the staff's fault of open circuit often occur. During the whole process of harness production and processing of the construction team, if the riveting pressure of the connector is too loose and the heating is not sufficient, the insulation performance of the harness connector will be reduced, leading to the occurrence of insurance accidents.

2. Infringement by external force: At the beginning, many common failures of on-board wiring harness were caused by the infringement of mechanical equipment. For example, when wiring harness equipment, the engineering construction is not standardized, which is easy to cause mechanical equipment damage; Sometimes, if the damage is not significant, it will take many months or even two years to make the damage locations penetrate and cause common faults. Sometimes, if the damage is relatively serious, it is likely to cause short circuit faults and common faults, which means the persecution of production insurance.

3. Natural environment and temperature: The pyrogen in the external natural environment where the vehicle harness is located will also cause the cable temperature to be too high, insulation penetration and even fire.

4. Chemical corrosion: In areas with strong acid and alkali action, the armored cable, tin drop or outer sheath of the vehicle harness will usually be corroded during operation. The thickness of the maintenance layer will be corroded by chemical corrosion or electrolytic method for a long time, resulting in invalid thickness of the maintenance layer, reduced insulation, and common failures of the harness.

5. Long-term overload operation: overload operation, due to the thermoelectric effect of the current quantity, when the load electric flow depends on the harness, it will lead to the heating of the electrical conductor, which will increase the temperature of the on-board harness. During long-term overload operation, too high temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation and even break down the insulation. Especially in the hot summer, there are many common faults of the harness.

6. Damping of insulation: This situation is also very common. For example, if the connector of the vehicle harness is improperly made and the connector is made under the humid and cold conditions, the connector will seep water or be mixed with water vapor. Over time, the water tree technology will be generated under the function of the electrostatic field, which will slowly damage the insulation resistance of the harness and cause common failures.

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