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LVDS Wire Harness
Model: LVDS harness

Attribute: car LVDS harness
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(The engineer shall design after assessment according to the application environment, and conduct production after consultation and communication)

Commonly used wires such as UL1571-AWG28 (the larger the number, the thinner the wire)

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Product description

LVDS harness:
The bridge channel between the display screen and the communication main board, LVDS cable bundle plays the role of power and signal transmission, and the main board transmits the picture to the display screen;
1. High speed transmission and low energy consumption:
Adopt extremely low voltage swing and high-speed differential transmission of data;
2. Accurate data:
It can realize point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection;
3. Rich materials to meet customization:
The transmission medium can be copper PCB connection or balanced cable;

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