High temperature silicone wire

Model: high temperature silicone wire

Attribute: high-temperature silica gel connector
Line leader: the engineer shall design after assessment according to the application environment, and conduct production after consultation and communication

Common materials:
Silicon, rubber and high-purity (tinned copper) stranded wire

Common models:
UL3135 silicone lead wire, UL3239 ultra-soft silicone wire, etc

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Product description

High-temperature silica gel connecting wire:

Chinese name
Silicone high-temperature wire
Common models
UL3135 silicon conductor, etc
Silicone high-temperature wire
Tinned copper stranded wire
High and low temperature resistance

Used for internal connecting wires of electronic and electrical equipment, such as motors

The rated temperature can basically reach 150 ℃~300 ℃, and the rated voltage is about 600V;
Working temperature below 180 ℃ is allowed to be used within the ambient temperature range of not less than - 60 ℃;

Scope of application:
It is applied to the internal connecting wires and instruments of household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment and other machines

1. Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-fungus;
2. Resistance to damp and heat environment;
3. Resistance to multiple greases;
4. The flexibility of the cable is good;
5. Waterproof and pressure resistant;

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