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How to repair ffc flexible cable
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The repair personnel are replacing Ffc flexible flat cableWhen: pay attention to investigate the damage degree of the original ffc flexible cable. If the ffc flexible cable is broken, it must be replaced with a new ffc flexible cable. If only one or two wires are broken, you can directly connect the broken wires.
During the investigation, a magnifying glass with light should be selected. It would be better if there was a micro-display video device. When determining to replace the ffc flexible flat cable: you must buy a high-quality and the same type of ffc flexible flat cable. The purchase of the original ffc flexible flat cable with seat is of good quality and convenient. It does not require welding and processing. It can be installed directly. Purchase the original ffc flexible flat cable without seat, commonly known as optical ffc flexible flat cable. Although the quality is good, it needs to be welded. The welding of the assembled ffc flexible flat cable is more troublesome. It needs to be welded. The components on the original ffc flexible flat cable are moved to the new ffc flexible flat cable. Moreover, the welding is difficult and the requirements for repair technology are high. Need certain welding skills and experience. To have a high success rate.
The welding skills are as follows: generally, the air gun should be selected for the welding element field, and the temperature should be controlled at 260 degrees. The wind speed of the domestic 850 welding machine is unstable, and the temperature also changes. During the blowing welding, it is easy to blow bubbles, break wires or deform the seat on the ffc soft flat wire. The FFC flexible cable is damaged and scrapped. Therefore, the HL2305 strong wind gun made in Germany is generally selected, and the temperature is controlled at 260 degrees, with gentle wind. The welding element is fast and good. Many of the ffc soft flat cables purchased from the market have not been tinned yet. At this time, clean the ffc soft flat cable with plate washing water, and then tin it with 936 thermostatic soldering iron. At this time, pay attention to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron to the lowest, otherwise the high temperature of the tip of the soldering iron will burn the connected ffc soft flat cable. Of course, good tin oil should be used to assist in tinning. For the additional welding of the seat of the ffc flexible flat cable, even though it has been carefully welded, the seat of the ffc flexible flat cable cannot be completely welded. At this time, the soldering iron should be used for additional welding. The key is that the temperature of the soldering iron should be adjusted to the lowest. Select a sharp soldering iron head, add a good amount of soldering oil, and gently touch the welding part of the seat head. The time should be short, otherwise the seat head will be easily damaged and the seat head will be scrapped. Next, the welding of the seat head should be carried out on a horizontal table top, and the ffc flexible flat cable should be fixed/flattened on the table top with double-sided adhesive tape, which is also very important.
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