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What are the common quality problems of terminal wire
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LeadwireIt is mainly used for data transmission between electronic components and electronic equipment. It is a data transmission line. The quality of terminal wire directly determines the quality of electronic products. Therefore, the quality of terminal wire is very important in the manufacturing process of electronic products.

From the point of view of use, the function of the wiring terminal should be: it is necessary to conduct the local contact of the contact part, and the touch is reliable. There are three common problems of wiring terminals:

1. Poor insulation

The function of the insulator is to make the touch stick to the correct position and insulate the touch piece from the touch piece and the touch piece from the shell. Therefore, it is necessary for insulating parts to have excellent electrical functions, mechanical functions and process molding functions. Especially with the wide use of high-density and miniaturized terminals, the effective wall thickness of insulators is becoming thinner and thinner. This puts forward more stringent requirements for insulation materials, injection mold precision and molding process. Because there are metal residues on the surface or inside of the insulator, dust on the surface, flux and other pollution and moisture, organic material separation and harmful gas adsorption film and the surface water film are fused to form an ionic conductive channel, moisture absorption, mold growth, aging of insulation materials and other reasons, all of which will form short circuit, electric leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance and other poor insulation phenomena.

2. Poor touch

The metal conductor inside the terminal wire is the core part of the terminal. It transmits the voltage, current or signal from the external wire or cable to the touch piece corresponding to its matching connector. Therefore, it is necessary for the touch piece to have excellent structure, stable and reliable touch persistence and good conductive function. Because the structure planning of the touch piece is unreasonable, the data selection is wrong, the mold is unstable, the processing size is out of tolerance, the appearance is rough, the surface treatment process such as heat treatment and electroplating is unreasonable, the assembly is improper, the storage and use environment is bad, and the operation and use are improper, all of which will cause poor touch at the touch part and the matching part of the touch piece.

3. Poor fixation

The terminal wire insulator is not only used for insulation, but also provides accurate alignment and protection for the extended touch piece. Together, it also has the function of device positioning, locking and fixing on the equipment. Poor fixation may affect the reliability of touch, which may result in instant power failure. The most serious problem is product disassembly. Disassembly refers to the abnormal separation between plug and socket and between pin and socket caused by unreliable structure due to data, planning, process and other reasons when the terminal wire is in the plug-in state, which will constitute the serious consequences of power transmission and signal control suspension of the control system. Because of unreliable planning, wrong material selection, improper selection of molding process, poor quality of heat treatment, mold, installation, welding and other processes, and improper installation, all will constitute poor fixation. In addition, poor appearance caused by coating peeling, corrosion, bruise, plastic shell flash, crack, rough processing of touch piece, deformation and other reasons, and poor exchange caused by positioning locking fit size, poor processing quality consistency, and excessive total separation force are also common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.

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