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4.14-3*3P terminal wire harness
Model: 4.14-3 * 3P terminal harness

Attributes: terminal harness machining
Line leader: customizable, click for details
Material: mainly made of copper, and the terminal port can be made according to the customer's requirements (gold-plated silver tin and other materials)

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Product description

4.14_ 3 * 3P terminal wire harness makes connecting wire harness easier and is an indispensable accessory for standard lines of automobiles;
4.14_ Actual drawing of 3 * 3P terminal harness:


Terminal harnesses have different uses in different products, so they will be subject to different requirements

Differentiation of automobile harness terminal harness:

A. According to the vehicle circuit diagram
B. Find out where this wire goes according to the terminal mark here, and the wire where it goes also has this mark.
(It can also be said that it is a contact mark. The terminal mark is the number or identification of the terminal, which is used to indicate the model, purpose, plugging position, etc. of the terminal.)


Quick identification when checking the fault;
Prevent the terminal harness port from being wrongly connected;

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