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Knowledge popularization of automobile wiring harness
Time:2018-11-12 Read: 1822

At present,Automotive wiring harnessIt is the network main body of the automobile circuit. It connects the electrical and electronic components of the automobile and makes them function. Without wiring harness, there is no automobile circuit.

Wire harness refers to the components that are formed by pressing the contact terminal (connector) made of copper and crimping the wire and cable, and then molding and pressing the insulator or external metal shell to form the connection circuit with wire harness. The harness industry chain includes wires and cables, connectors, processing equipment, harness manufacturing and downstream application industries. The harness is widely used in automobiles, household appliances, computers and communication equipment, various electronic instruments and meters, etc. The body harness connects the whole body, and the overall shape is H-shaped.

Due to the particularity of the automobile industry, the manufacturing process of the automobile harness is also more special than other ordinary harnesses. The harness isA product that most needs to pass the qualification standard, because its use has caused a great impact in life. If its own application is not guaranteed, then people's safety is also difficult to guarantee. The better the wire, the less problems it will face when it is used, because the wire product will pay attention to the application effect in every aspect before design, and will be liked and needed by people only if it is designed specifically. The more qualified products are, the more efforts will be made in production.

In order to improve the efficiency of general assembly, all complex harnesses should be equipped with pre-assembly stations. The rationality of the pre-assembly process directly affects the efficiency of general assembly and reflects the technical level of a technician. If the preassembled parts are less assembled or the assembled wire path is unreasonable, the workload of the total assembly personnel will be increased and the speed of the assembly line will be slowed down. Therefore, the process personnel should stay on the site frequently to summarize. Technicians must be familiar with each operation and measure the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time.

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