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What are the common problems with terminal wire connectors
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LeadwireThere are always many joint points on the electrical circuit, such as wire and wire, wire and switch, wire and electrical appliance connection pile head, wire and shelter joint, etc. These joint parts are different from other parts of the wire. At the joint, the insulation layer is stripped off. If the wrapping is poor and the two wires collide, it may form a short circuit, fever or electric spark.

1、 Simple line collision

Accidents caused by nonstandard electrical connectors, cable connectors and terminal connectors are endless. The reason is that many electrical settlement construction personnel often fail to properly settle the quality when laying wires: do not install sleeves where insulating sleeves should be used; There is no junction box installed in the place where the junction box should be used; It leads to continuous fever at the interface during power-on, which makes the boards around gradually dry and carbonized, and then burns, causing fire

2、 Simple fever due to excessive touch resistance
If the touch area is less than the cross-sectional area of the conductor, the smaller the touch area of the joint is, the greater the resistance is based on the fact that the resistance is inversely proportional to the conductive area; The greater the resistance, the more likely it is to have a fever. Therefore, the joint is always more prone to fever than other parts of the conductor. If the joint quality is good

3、 The connector of the wire should be reduced as much as possible
The wire that is often used for dragging should be the whole wire. There should be no connector in the middle. There should be no connector in the first place, such as the closed roof of the house

4、 The connector is loose after being opened for a long time

Some connectors are of good quality when they are installed, but due to thermal expansion and contraction, they may be subject to vibration for a long time, which will make the connector loose, such as the electrical circuit in the bridgehead of a bridge. Just because the vehicle often vibrates violently when crossing the bridge, the connector of the conductor will gradually loose, the touch resistance will gradually increase, and the fever will become more and more serious, resulting in a fire

5、 Dust pollution

On the construction site, in the threshing plant and other open places, there are often soil and dust seeping into the joint of conductors, interfering with the touch between conductors, causing the joint to overheat, causing the burning of combustible objects around. Some electrical fires in the threshing plant are caused by this

6、 Oxidation occurs at the joint of conductor

In a humid and corrosive atmosphere, a layer of oxide is simply formed on the conductor

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