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What problems should be noticed when checking the terminal wire
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In daily life, we are exposed toLeadwireThe probability is very small. The root cause is that the terminal wire is mostly connected with the machine equipment. For example, the terminal wire is connected to the automatic washing machine in the home, which is basically integrated with the main board of the automatic washing machine. When the automatic washing machine is not used, the power switch will be turned off directly, and the terminal line inside is usually untouchable. If the quality of the product is very good and there are few failures, it will be even less accessible. Therefore, many people will not know much about the terminal wire.

In fact, high-quality terminal wires are all processed through strict test processing, so what problems should we pay attention to for the test of terminal wires?

Problems to pay attention to when testing terminal wire:

1. The two-core wire shall be controlled well for the press-out wire, and the wire with poor core deviation shall not occur

2. Observe whether the surface of the press-out wire body is scratched, grained, mottled, dirty, etc

3. The size of the cutting line shall not exceed the tolerance, and the line ends shall be aligned horizontally

4. The surface of the wire should be clean and free of dirt, scratches, scratches or damages on the inner core and the outer core

5. There shall be no defects such as deep tapping, shallow tapping, breaking of copper wire, broken tapping, etc

6. If the wire stop is injection molded, observe whether there are shrinkage, sharp edge, lack of glue, deformation and other defects

7. Whether the terminal wire penetrates into the rubber case and the color and sequence of the wire material are reversed or not in place

8. Make sure that the heat shrinkable sleeve should be inserted before the terminal wire passes through the rubber shell

At this stage, there are many enterprise brands of the terminal line of the marketer, which vary in category, price and size. If the product you choose has been used for a long time and is very durable, then it should be of high quality! Shenzhen Robust Electronics Co., Ltd. is a connector and harness processing manufacturer integrating product research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and service projects. For several years, it has specialized in the production and manufacturing of high-quality connectors, row pin connectors, row female connectors, simple cow connectors, ox horn connectors, connecting wires, terminal wires, various high-precision electronic harnesses, and other products to meet the requirements of various high-end users.

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