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What role does terminal wire play in electrical equipment
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Basically all electrical equipment, such as TV and computer, should be usedLeadwireThe key to the structure of this kind of wire is to connect the terminals on both sides of the wire, which plays the role of conducting electricity and transmitting signals. Basically, all TV sets can display pictures because of this kind of connection line. Although all TV sets have their own picture tubes, it is really impossible to display pictures without such lines.

The television station uses various signal transmission machines and equipment to transmit the video signal to the set-top box of the television, and then transmits the video signal to the television using the set-top box. There is a component inside the television called the video signal decoder. This decoder splits the received video signal into two parts, one is the sound signal, and the other is the color signal. Then, these two parts of signals are transmitted to the display screen of the TV through the terminal line.

This kind of cable is only responsible for the transmission of color signals, and the sound signals should be transmitted in other ways. Then the picture is displayed on the display screen through some special processing. The benefit of such separate transmission is to ensure the clarity of the picture quality. Nowadays, many high-definition digital televisions use this separate transmission mode to ensure the high-definition picture quality.

In addition, the video signals of some TV stations in China all have a certain frequency. Although different TV stations have different frequencies, they have a certain range. Therefore, the production and manufacturing of terminal wires have very strict requirements. They must meet the requirements before they can be used in electrical equipment. Many computers on the market have built-in independent graphics cards. Independent graphics cards also have the function of some video output. If the output is smooth, this kind of cable is also indispensable.

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