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How to avoid problems in automobile wire harness processing
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Automobile wire harness processingHow to avoid problems?

How to avoid problems when processing automobile wire harness? Today, my friends come to know me!

Connecting wire is one of the types of electronic harness, which is widely used in different electronic product industries, such as battery cars, household appliances, communication equipment, automation equipment and other electronic equipment. The connecting wire of electronic harness with different functions has different production standards, including the specification and model of the wire, the size of the terminal connecting wire, the material of the electronic harness, and so on.

There are some illegal manufacturers. The outer insulation uses recycled PVC, and the core electrical conductor uses recycled copper, copper clad aluminum, stainless steel wire or a variety of mixtures. The large internal resistance of these electric conductors is very harmful to electronic products, so it is necessary to pay special attention when selecting them.

The outer insulation of the legal connecting wire must be made of new anti-oxidation PVC plastic, and the electrical conductor of the wire core must be made of oxygen-free copper, tinned copper or silver-plated copper produced by the air barrier method. It must be manufactured through a variety of processing processes and high-precision machinery and equipment.

High-quality connecting wire should not only have good insulation and heat resistance, but also the core conductor must be seven-strand twisted or braided, so that it can have sufficient density to reduce resistance, capacitance and inductance, and output sufficient current. Distinguishing the quality of the connecting wire can not only depend on the external specification, but also on the size of the copper core inside. Because some connecting wires make the rubber extremely thick while the copper core is very thin, the first thing to verify is the size of the copper core section.

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