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Five advantages of FFC flexible cable
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FFC flexible flat cableIt is a flexible flat cable. We can choose the number of wires and the distance between wires of FFC flexible flat cable to make the connection more convenient. This greatly reduces the volume of electronic products, helps enterprises improve production efficiency, and also helps manufacturers reduce production costs. It is most suitable to be placed between the main board and its moving parts of electronic products, between PCB boards and as the data transmission line between electronic devices. Therefore, it is widely used in various types of printers, scanners, copiers, stereos, plotters, televisions and other electrical equipment as well as signal transmission lines and connecting lines between their motherboards. In the era of modern technology, it is everywhere.

FFC flexible cabling equipment has excellent flexibility, can be flexibly applied to various occasions, and can be freely folded and bent, and it is not a problem to make thousands of slides. Not only that, the FFC cabling equipment is also easy to use, with a very small size, and the wiring process is very easy to understand. Everyone can operate it by himself.


Five advantages of FFC flexible flat cable:

  • 1. It has higher assembly reliability and quality. FFC flat cable reduces the hardware required for internal connection, such as solder joints, trunk lines, backplane lines and cables commonly used in traditional electronic packaging, so FFC flexible flat cable can provide higher assembly reliability and quality. Traditional internal hardware composed of complex multiple systems often has a high component dislocation rate in the assembly process.

  • 2. It can move, bend and twist without damaging the wires, and can adapt to different shapes and special packaging sizes. Its only limitation is volume space. Because the fFC flat cable can withstand millions of dynamic bends, it is very suitable for continuous or regular motion inline systems and becomes a part of the final product function.

  • 3. Small size and light weight. The gray fFC flat circuit board was originally designed to replace the larger harness. On the current assembly board of plug-in electronic equipment, FFC cable is the only way to meet the requirements of miniaturization and mobility.

  • 4. It has excellent electrical, dielectric and heat resistance.

  • 5. It can be moved, bent and changed without damaging the wires, and can follow different shapes and unusual packaging dimensions. Its only limitation is volume space. Because the fFC cable can withstand millions of times of dynamic bending, it can be well used for continuous or scheduled activities in the internal network and become a part of the final product function.

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