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What are the factors that cannot be ignored in terminal wire processing?
Time:2021-05-15 Read: 1247
LeadwireAlthough the processing technology is not very complex, there are many special categories in the industry, and the application range is very wide, just like our human heart. However, the terminal line is also very important in the actual application process. The following important aspects generally affect the terminal line:

1. Material selection of raw data: the quality of raw data is indirectly related to the service life of terminal wire. Generally, the cable processed by terminal wire is made of pure copper, but not all processing manufacturers will strictly comply with the industry regulations. Some manufacturers use copper clad steel, iron clad steel or copper clad zinc cables to manufacture terminal wires in order to raise funds and earn more profits. The quality of the harness produced by this data can be imagined, not to mention its service life.

2. Specification selection: terminal wires of different thickness can accept different currents. If a thin terminal wire is used under high current, it will generate heat because it cannot accept the current, resulting in combustion and even fire. Therefore, when processing the terminal wire, it is necessary to see whether the corresponding current is accepted.

3. Terminal wire processing application environment: The application environment of terminal wire is also a key factor affecting the service life. The terminal wire for outdoor use is certainly not as long as that for indoor use. Long-term exposure and rain of the terminal wire used in outdoor advertising light box will greatly prolong the service life of the terminal wire.

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