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What is the structure of terminal harness?
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The terminal harness has five components:

1. Conductor is the basic structure of current or electromagnetic transmission function, generally made of copper, tinned copper, copper clad steel and other metals with strong conductivity.

2. It is the insulating layer, which wraps the periphery of the wire and cable conductor, and mainly plays the role of electrical insulation to ensure the normal transmission function of the wire and the safety of external objects and people.

3. Shielding layer is the protective layer that isolates the electromagnetic field of wire and cable from the external electromagnetic field or isolates different wires in the wire and cable products.

4. Protective sleeve, which is installed and executed in different environments, must protect the whole product, especially the insulation part.

5. Fillers such as cotton thread and polyester film are added to ensure the roundness of the cable, because there is a gap in the conductor during the processing of the terminal harness.

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