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Features and advantages of automobile wire harness terminal welding machine
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Electric welding wire for automobile steering gear The automobile harness terminal welding machine is composed of ultrasonic generator, transducer, welding head and pneumatic part. Using ultrasonic metal welding technology, high-frequency electric energy is converted into mechanical vibration energy, which is transferred to the harness through the welding mold. The heat generated by vibration friction causes the harness to melt, and a certain pressure is applied. Connect multiple strands of wire harness together to achieve the parallel welding effect of wire harness welding. The special welding machine for automobile wire harness is suitable for welding various precision metal parts, such as automobile copper and aluminum wire harness, capacitor lead, electrical connector connection, motor connector connection and relay. Welding of copper wire, cable, copper stranded wire, copper braided wire (copper braided wire) and metal terminal; Or the welding of the string and the car airbag line; It can also be applied to the welding of automobile terminal, automobile harness, motor terminal, relay piece, electrolysis, capacitor pole piece, carbon brush piece, heat sink frame piece, copper tube, copper tube aluminum sheet, copper tube copper sheet and other processes.

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Features of automobile wire harness terminal welding machine:

1. The metal welding machine for automobile wire harness terminal adopts the working principle of valve rod, and the machine head is simple and convenient, and the machine head is small and flexible.

2. The copper and aluminum wire harness ultrasonic welding machine adopts the way of cross installation mold. The mold only needs to be installed and fixed in the cross mold holder, which is simple and convenient.

3. The auto copper wire bundle copper sheet ultrasonic welding machine adopts a self-flow protection device system, which is mainly used to protect high-frequency electronic tubes from unnecessary burning due to excessive current.

4. Dagong automobile aluminum wire harness welding machine is a unique actuator that can efficiently transfer ultrasonic energy to the welding head, and can accurately adjust to set the correct position of the upper and lower front stops.

5. Ultrasonic automobile copper and aluminum wire harness and terminal welding machine can adjust the sequence to complete the cross-sectional area of 0.5~30mm ² The welding effect of harness is good.

6. Precise automobile wire harness metal pressure welding machine adopts titanium welding head, which can be replaced at low cost or integrated high hardness tool steel welding head, which can be installed quickly and minimize the cost.

Advantages of automobile wire harness terminal welding machine:

The ultrasonic terminal welding machine for automobile wire harnesses can weld all kinds of wire harnesses, including bundles, braids and coils. These harness products are mainly used in automobile, aircraft, computer, consumer electronics and process control machinery. Generally, they are mainly used in harness production. The advantages of welding are: constant welding parameters ensure the welding quality; Easy to operate, assemble and maintain; Fully automatic process monitoring combined with quality control system; Set welding parameters such as energy, time and height in advance; Harness disassembly and assembly is simple, and the system structure is easy to operate; The mechanical adjustment device is stable and reliable, and easy to operate; Without professional technicians, ordinary employees can learn to operate as long as they receive one day's training; No auxiliary agent is needed during welding, and the processing cost is low; All important welding parameters will be monitored to ensure the highest welding quality.

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