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Precautions for process design and development of automobile wire harness
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Precautions in circuit board terminal design

1. The circuit board terminal refers to the terminal, tubular terminal and needle terminal directly inserted into the PCB board;

2. When designing the circuit board terminal design drawing, it is necessary to confirm the size of its PCB board with the customer;

3. When designing the circuit board terminal, the pressing width after pressing must be marked. This width is not only related to the size of the terminal aperture suitable for the PCB board, but also related to the actual aperture of the customer's PCB board. Therefore, before drawing, confirm the hole size of PCB board with the customer and mark it on the drawing;

4. When designing this terminal, it is necessary to check with the customer whether this shape is needed. Some samples are provided by the customer, and we need to confirm with the customer whether the pressed shape is the same as the customer's.

Precautions in the design of clamp terminals

The clamp terminals at the same position shall be staggered by more than 20 mm to prevent mutual short circuit.

Precautions in terminal pressing design

When the terminal is matched with the wire, it is generally required to set it according to the pressing range of the terminal, and pay attention to the size of the wire insulation outer diameter corresponding to the terminal.

When the terminal selection exceeds the standard, there are four solutions:

1. Change the terminal model and select the terminal for which the wire specification is applicable;

2. Change the wire specification to adapt to the pressing range of the terminal;

3. When the wire is small, the core wire can be folded and pressed, and the processing cost is high;

4. When the wire is too large, take off the rubber skin at the insulation, press it and wrap it with a heat-shrinkable tube.

Any of the above schemes must be confirmed with the customer.

Terminal profile is carried out under the following conditions:

1. When required by customers;

2. When selecting a new terminal;

3. After the production of the new tool mold;

4. High current terminal;

5. All terminals on the car harness;

6. Other special terminals.

The judgment standard of profile generally refers to the company's internal standard (i.e., AMP standard). When customers have different standards, it is necessary to discuss the potential risks caused by standard differences.

Precautions in the design of injection molding parts

Precautions in design:

1. The selection of rubber materials shall meet the requirements of customers' products (such as temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.);

2. The size of the injection parts shall be provided by the customer or samples;

3. Dimensional control after injection molding;

4. Select injection molding machine;

5. Process control of injection molding parts (such as the ratio of new materials and recycled materials, the ratio of color masterbatch, drying time, molding temperature, cooling time, etc.).

Precautions for handling the change notice of technical documents

When replacing ECN, please pay attention to the following points:

1. There are complete and clear ECR requirements (including change method, order number, material investigation).

2. ERP "in use" should be immediately removed from the drawing, and the change reason, date, job number, and "in use" should be indicated in the remarks. In principle, it should be started by the person who stops using it, or it should be started after confirming the details with the person who stops using it.

3. For ECR to be changed immediately, drawings and ECN shall be distributed to the workshop within 2 hours.

4. The implementation date of ECN should be written according to the requirements of ECR, rather than simply "natural change" or "immediate change".

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