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Requirements for processing current load capacity of terminal harness
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The current load capacity is similar to the commonly understood overcurrent protection capacity, which is a protection method to make the protection device act when the current exceeds the predetermined maximum value. Overcurrent protection refers to that when the current flowing through the protected element exceeds a preset value, the protection device will be started, and the selectivity of action will be guaranteed by using the time limit to trip the circuit breaker or send an alarm signal. The current load capacity of ST terminal is realized by the resistance of the conductive part of the terminal itself. thatTerminal harness processingWhat requirements need to be met to achieve the required current load capacity?


What requirements must be met for terminal harness processing to achieve the required current load capacity:

1. Product structure: the more stable the product structure, the stronger the terminal current load capacity.

2. Materials used: the thickness, width and other parameters of the conductive part of the terminal shall meet the requirements of the current products; The selection of insulating materials is also related to the current load capacity. The slower the aging rate of the insulation material, the stronger the current load capacity of the terminal.

3. Number of adjacent digits side by side: the number of terminals shall meet the installation requirements. For plug-in terminals, the plug and socket should correspond. In addition to consulting the manufacturer, products with different needle pitches cannot be used without authorization to avoid damage to the equipment.

4. Ambient temperature: the higher the ambient temperature, the weaker the current load capacity. This is also the reason why electrical equipment needs a good heat dissipation environment to ensure its good operation. The current load capacity is one of the specification parameters of the terminal, which means that under normal conditions, when the current flows through the adjacent five-position terminals at the same time, the components will not be damaged due to heating, and the function of the components will not be affected.

The above content is an introduction to the requirements that terminal harness processing needs to meet to meet the required current load capacity. Although terminal harness processing is a widely used and common wire factory in life, it has a lot of knowledge in terms of its standards, models and technical parameters. Each terminal has its own current level. When the current flowing through the terminal exceeds the load of the PCB terminal, the terminal will fail, resulting in a short circuit.

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