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Requirements for automobile wire harness processing
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In the field of automobile production, electronic control system and wiring harness are closely related.Automotive wiring harnessFunctionally, it can be divided into power train harness, signal transmission control harness and brake control harness. Power lines are thick wires that carry large currents.

The requirements for materials used in the automobile field are relatively strict, especially for wire harnesses. We all know that the temperature around the automobile engine is very high, and there are a lot of corrosive gases and liquids. The requirements for electrical properties such as high temperature resistance, oil resistance, vibration resistance and friction resistance are higher than the general electronic wire harnesses. The wire harnesses of the engine system and brake system cannot have any quality problems.

Precautions for harness processing:

The harness of car trunk shall be made of cold elastic wire to ensure its elasticity under low temperature. Shielded wires shall be used for weak signal sensors. The high temperature resistance of linear speed components of automobile braking system shall exceed 150-200 ℃, and the external protective insulation layer shall be hard and wear-resistant.

The processing of automobile wire harness is made of polyethylene material, which has excellent rheological properties. Generally, good polyethylene has a uniform and stable melt index, which is suitable for different beam diameters during use, so that it can effectively reach a certain extrusion speed and effectively stabilize its extrusion flow during use, thus effectively ensuring the integrity of its product geometry and appearance.

The quality of automobile wire harness processing materials will directly affect whether the automobile wire harness products meet its performance requirements. The quality of wire harness material also directly affects the service performance and service life of automobile wire harness. When selecting the harness manufacturer, we must not decide whether to cooperate based on the quotation alone. The price is determined by the value, and the quality assurance of the harness with high price is better. Take the wire harness terminal as an example, the standard automobile wire harness is made of bronze and brass, and it shows that there is coating, and the price is relatively expensive, while the secondary processing copper on the market is cheaper, but the performance will be much worse. There is no significant difference in the appearance of the car harness made of the two materials, but the price is quite different.

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What should be paid attention to during the quality inspection of automobile wire harness processing?

1. Does the cutting meet the requirements?

Check whether the wire size meets relevant requirements and whether the model is correct. The cut must be neat without scratching the wire, and the wire must not be dirty.

2. Is the marshalling neat?

Check whether the trimming is neat and the size is correct. When trimming the group, the core wire cannot be scratched.

3. Is peeling neat?

Check whether the peeling opening is neat, the peeling size is correct, the marshalling wire and core wire cannot be peeled, and the copper wire is peeled off; During the semi-stripping process, the insulator shall not fall off.

4. Is the size of sleeve shrink tube appropriate?

Carefully check whether the model and size of the shrink tube are correct.

5. Is the prepared soldering temperature appropriate?

Check whether the temperature of tin furnace is correct; Before preparing for soldering, the core wire and copper wire should be sorted out and checked for bending, bifurcation and discount.

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