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Selection of terminal harness processing
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We areTerminal harness processingWhen removing the factors such as the manufacturer of terminal harness, the selection of wire material for terminal harness processing will directly affect the product quality, so this link is very important, and the variety of these raw materials is relatively complex. Next, the terminal harness manufacturer will tell you what points should be paid attention to when processing the terminal harness?


The terminal harness of a product is composed of wire, insulating sheath, terminal block and binding material processing. First is the original data, and then is the technological level of the terminal harness processing plant, which can show the quality of its terminal harness.

1、 Data selection of terminal blocks: copper as the raw material of terminal blocks is mainly brass and bronze, of which brass accounts for a large proportion. In addition, different plating layers can be selected according to different requirements. This part can be said to be the central part of the whole line, and it is also the place prone to failure. Therefore, good terminal connectors must be selected when processing terminal harness.

2、 Selection of insulating sheath: Common sheath raw materials mainly include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, PP, etc. Flame retardant or reinforcing materials can be added to the plastic according to the actual situation to achieve the purpose of strengthening or flame retardant, such as adding glass fiber reinforcement. The insulating sheath mainly depends on the application industry and depends on the specific situation.

3、 The selection of harness wire: according to the corresponding wire data, the voltage, temperature, resistance, etc. are related to the wire.

4、 Selection of binding materials for terminal wire harness processing: The binding of wire harness can be wear-resistant, flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant, anti-interference, noise-reducing and beautiful. Tape, corrugated pipe, PVC pipe, etc. can be selected as binding materials.

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