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Process flow of terminal harness processing
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In the era of electronic science and technology, it is difficult for people to leave electronic and electrical products in their livesTerminal harness processingIt is widely used in electronic products. Terminal harness processing seems simple in our eyes, but every step in the production process of terminal harness processing manufacturers cannot be ignored. The design of terminal harness processing should be reasonable, the process should be standardized, and meet the requirements. What are the technological processes!


The first step of production process is the opening process of terminal harness processing

The opening process should be as accurate as possible without any error. For example, the opening size is too short, which will affect the entire production schedule. Therefore, before the wire opening process, it is necessary to carefully study the harness drawing, reasonably determine the wire opening size and wire stripping size according to the requirements of the drawing, and then prepare the wire opening operation instruction and production process tracking card.

The second process of production is the crimping process of terminal harness processing

The crimping parameters shall be determined according to the type of drawing requirements, the crimping operation instructions shall be prepared, the special requirements shall be indicated in the process documents, and the operators shall be trained. For example, some wires need to pass through the sheath before they can be crimped. They need to be pre-assembled and then returned from the pre-assembly station before crimping; There are also special crimping tools for piercing crimping, which has good electrical contact performance.

The third process of production is the final assembly process of terminal harness processing

Be able to design the specification and size of tooling equipment and material box according to the assembly platform designed by the harness product development department, and paste the number of all assembly jackets and accessories on the material box to improve the efficiency of assembly. Prepare the assembly contents and requirements of each station, balance the whole assembly station, and prevent the situation that the workload is too large and the speed of the whole assembly line is reduced. To achieve the balance of work stations, the process personnel need to be familiar with each operation, measure the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time. In short, the harness manufacturer can ensure the quality of the harness only by paying attention to every link in the harness production process.

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